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אמנות שיתופי פעולה בעיר


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The move from Pyramids to Networks, The disruptive innovation, The rapidly changing world…
If all these are the Tsunami, Education Cities is the surfboard

What do we do in Education Cities

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Bridging for China

Bridging for China

Meet our “Bridging for China” hand in hand project, that has started in February 2020. It aimed to connect students from china, in their homes, with students from all over the world. In this project we mainly wanted to say – we are with you, you are with us, we are all one and will win this together. Many thanks for all the people who were involved in making this happen. Especially for Ying who shows us again and again how one woman, from inside 4 walls can move the world.

This is what we wrote back in February, not knowing yet that the wheel would rollover: “We are just at the beginning of the road. If you want to join, if you wish to talk, sing, dance, learn together or even just send your love to the Chinese kids, please contact us at Bridging for China Facebook group

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