classroom 2021


“Take a picture of the conservative rows classroom. It is going to disappear” (Yaacov Hecht 2011)

2020 update:

In 2013 we launched “2021 classroom” program and today, almost at the target line, we are happy to see that in so many classrooms in Israel and around the world, the rows are not to be seen, and also are the worldviews that created them.

Why a classroom

Because the classroom is the cornerstone of the entire educational structure. Similarly to the butterfly effect, groundbreaking and innovative changes that will transpire in the classroom in the southern Israeli city of Yeruham can bring about change in Jerusalem or in Tel Aviv. One classroom can serve as a living testimony and proof for a successful trial, for a sustainable change and can generate a far-reaching viral wave.

Furthermore, the 2021 Classroom Program enables a single teacher to make an impact and generate a meaningful change in the entire system.

Why 2021

The question with which we have chosen to deal is how the classroom in 2021 would look like. We have selected this date because it is not too far off in the future, but also not “around the corner.” It leaves ample time to imagine, to dream, and to making it a reality. Classrooms in 2021 will prepare their students for life in 2030. Therefore, the 2021 Classroom Program is built on the ability to learn and imagine how life would look like in 2030, and what are the essential components of a classroom, which prepares its students to this life, in several categories:


How would a physical space that promotes meaningful learning look like?


What new time structures that promote meaningful learning would be used? How would a weekly learning schedule look like, an annual program, a teacher’s schedule or a student’s schedule?


What form would meaningful learning take in the 2021 classroom? What would be learned and how?


How would we preform evaluation in the 2021 Classroom? What would be evaluated and how?


Internal partners

What would be the new roles of teachers, students, and parents? what would be new in the relationship between them?

External partners

What kind of a relationship would the school have with other organizations that are active in the community sphere both nationally and internationally?


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