If Alvin Toffler describes three economic waves: Agrarian Industrial and Informational, we see ourselves as citizens of the forth wave - the knowledge Wave. At the peak of this wave, most of the world’s population will make a living from creating new knowledge.

We operate since 2010, but our routes go much further back. Confucius, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, A.S. Neil, Janusz Korczak, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr. and many more who talked about the human free and gifted spirit, are our sources of inspiration and growth


Each and every one of us, children and adults alike, is special and brings to this world a unique talent.

With that in mind, Education Cities defines three essential components for a healthy and prosperous society:

  1. Me: Finding the individual’s uniqueness and ways to express it.
  2. You: Acknowledging the other’s uniqueness and the importance of expressing it.
  3. Us: The art of collaboration. A network of individuals who find their uniqueness and express it, concurrently with a shared creative work.

In a nutshell – all for one & one for all!


Development, implementation, and dissemination of glocal educational innovation, which is focused on the journey from a Pyramid to a Network, and aimed at generating social, environmental, and economic value to the world and to all the partners in this journey.


Collaboration and the art of its creation are the heart and soul of educational innovation – the essence of education systems in the world today. Education Cities’ foremost mission is to develop the art of collaboration – in the classroom, in schools, in the city, in the state, and in the world.

In 2015, Education Cities’ How2MOOC model was selected by WIRED magazine as one of the leading trends of this year.

In January 2017, Education Cities was selected in Bett, one of the world’s biggest education conferences, by the Finnish project HundrED, as one of the ten leading education initiatives in the world.

Education Cities Partners

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