Education Cities’
worldwide adventure

Local & International Learning Expeditions

Every year, Education Cities sets out to learning expeditions around the world. Throughout the week the group transforms into an Education Team that promotes working in a network, mutual responsibility and collaborations.

Netherland, Finland, Norway, Denmark, South Korea, Ukraine, Bulgaria and China as well as many other countries are just a taste of the fascinating Education Cities’ destinations for learning about innovation and finding inspiration.

This year we are heading out to Mexico, Finland and… Israel!


In Mexico we will be hosted by “Tarbut”, an innovative and groundbreaking school which is undergoing fascinating transformation processes in recent years. We will visit additional schools in Mexico City, attend an international education conference, and tour the city. The accommodation offered in this expedition is in homes of families from Tarbut school community, providing an opportunity to get a close experience of Mexico City’s vibrant Jewish community and its daily life.

Cost – 850$ per person – homestay accommodation in homes of local Jewish community (airfare not included)
***A hotel is optional for additional fee.

Register here | February 07-15, 2020 (tentative)


Finland, the spearhead of the global education revolution, from the elimination of the supervisory system and putting trust in the principals and teachers, to the abolishment of study subjects in 400 schools in exchange for multi-disciplinary learning. We will visit groundbreaking innovative schools, see fascinating learning spaces, meet educators and the community, and delve deep into the revolutionary education reform in this country.

Cost – 2700$ per person – airfare, accommodations, breakfast, lunch in some of the schools, transportation

Register here | Passover 2020 (exact dates TBD)


In Israel we offer a week-long learning tour with Yaacov Hecht and Professor Sugata Mitra. The tour includes innovative education institutions, as well as various cities and sites that will demonstrate the unique challenges with which they cope. As part of the experience, the group, which will include participants from Israel and around the world, will attempt to provide solutions for these challenges. Similarly to the setting of a learning expedition overseas, the group will stay together during the entire week, including overnight.

Cost – 2200$ per person – accommodation, meals (airfare not included)

Register here | February 23-27, 2020