Education Cities Worldwide

In a rapidly changing world which shifts before our eyes From a Pyramid Paradigm to a Network Paradigm, it is both imperative and fascinating to feel the pulse of the change that occurs around the world and in Israel

Education Cities specializes in leading such learning expeditions that include:

Discovery and exploration of global innovation

Learning in general, and from the third circle (the world) in particular

A group that “Sees the one & Creates as one”

A group comprised from leading groundbreaking education professionals

An unforgettable experience of partnership and building strong ties

Returning home with new and renewed strengths, filled with inspiration

Recently, dozens of participants took part in learning expeditions to England, Finland, and Denmark. Some information on learning in these countries is provided below:


In recent years, Finland has become the spearhead of the global education revolution. Starting from the abandonment of the supervisory system and adoption of a system that puts trust in the heads of teachers and in teachers, and up to the cancellation of learning subjects in 400 schools and replacing it with multidisciplinary learning. All of which led the country to very high achievements on all international measures, and have made Finland a sought-after destination for exploration and learning expeditions

London – Bett Show

One of the biggest education conferences worldwide, that deals with the interface of pedagogical innovation and technological innovation. The conference is held in a big conference hall in London. During the conference’s four days, dozens of Start-Up initiatives that attempt to incorporate technology and education are presented. Visitors from around the world – heads of teachers, teachers, students, and entrepreneurs – fill the conference’s huge space and attend dozens of fascinating lectures. In the last two years, the show’s keynote speakers were, Sir Ken Robinson and Professor Sugata Mitra.


The free schools comprise 20% of the entire Danish education system and perceive themselves as the forefront of Denmark and the free world in development of new models. The role of the free school in Denmark isn’t merely preparation to work life, but rather preparation to life as a whole. For this purpose, the definition of the teacher includes the creation of a profound discourse with the students, and expanding their world by developing natural curiosity and learning for the sake of learning. The main goal is to achieve internally motivated learning, whereas the school constitutes a source of enlightenment. The basis of this perception is rooted deeply in the values of democracy, community, and the immense importance placed on personal development.