Education Cities

One of Education Cities’ most important ventures is leading learning expeditions around the world.

During these tours, the group turns into a unified team that promotes networking, mutual responsibility and collaboration.

Netherlands, England, Finland, Norway, Denmark, South Korea, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Estonia, Mexico, China… These and more are our journeys’ destinations, in which you can learn about innovative breakthroughs and get inspired.

The different trips are varied and tailored to the unique needs of each group, but most of them include the following:


It is exciting to discover in the land of Potter and Sherlock Holmes, the strongholds of British culture, an incredible wealth of innovative breakthroughs in education. From the innovative schools, those who break into the familiar frameworks in every area – designing learning environments, outdoor learning, diverse populations, collaborations with the academy, interest-based learning and more – to Bett, the world’s largest education exhibition.


In recent years, Finland has been at the forefront of the global education revolution. From eliminating supervision avenues and trusting principals and teachers, to dismissing curricula in 400 schools in favor of multidisciplinary learning. All of these have brought the country to the highest of all international metrics, making Finland a popular destination for exploration and learning.


Free schools make up about 20% of the total educational system in Denmark and see themselves as the forefront of Denmark and the world in developing innovative models. The role of the free school in Denmark is not just preparation for the world of work but preparation for life in general. To do so, the definition of the teacher’s role involves creating an in-depth conversation with the students and expanding their world by developing natural curiosity and joy of learning. The main goal is to achieve self-motivated learning, while the school is a source of enlightenment. The roots of this concept are rooted in the values of democracy, community, and the immense importance that Denmark sees in personal development.


How does a system that is supposedly conservative and tracking, reach the highest levels of excellence in PISA exams? Hint – no one is left behind (have you heard about equal opportunity?). In Amsterdam, the first cooperative city, we will solve the mystery together.


A country that is an adventure! What does the education system look like in a “borderless state”, that opened the possibility for digital residency, which has stormed the “Pisa” exams, that has the youngest prime minister and minister of education? The Estonian trip is a “hard-core” journey, full of excitements, for those who want to experience the global innovation front at all levels, not only in education.

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