School 2.0 – Establishing new schools

School 2.0 is transforming the teacher’s role – from a Transmitting Teacher, to a Networking Teacher


Therefore, the classroom is also transforming from the “conventional rows 1.0” setup that promotes separation and maintaining peace and quiet, into a “network classroom 2.0” setup that promotes the art of collaboration

Conventional classroom setup
Network classroom setup

Education Cities supports and guides the process of establishing innovative Schools 2.0, including the structuring of a pedagogic program and providing support to the architects in the construction of an actual program.

Following is a list of some of the places that have undergone or currently undergo such support processes with Education Cities:

“Gvanim” class, Nofey Golan High-school, Kazrin

Hofim Elementary School, Hadera

Be’er Sheva Education Center

Har Hanegev Education Center

Rosh Ha’ayin Education Center