Scuola Manfredini

Scuola Manfredini, Varese, Italy

Manfredini School is a growing institution, next year the Primary School will consist of 4 sections, and the Secondary School with contain 5 complete sections. We will also open a high school. We believe in centered pupil education: we’re working for this. Officin@Studio is our test laboratory!

Edumission 2017 #1 – Scuola Manfredini

In 1999, a group of businessmen, professionals, teachers and parents, in consideration of their sons’ educations, founded a Middle School named after Enrico Manfredini, a priest in Varese who emphasized education.

Edumission 2017 – Scuola Manfredini #2

Why are we responsible for education?
Because we are interested in the person.
The person is a creature, creative and transcending; humans are a resource, the start and the purpose of each educational proposal; we exist in a world to which we owe great responsibility: the fulfillment of our human potential cannot be pre-arranged or pre-determined.

Edumission 2017 – Scuola Manfredini #3

“Officina” is a testing lab where both students and teachers bring to the table their individual skills in order to realize a given project or product.
Officina is an environment where students and adults can grow together in such a way that improves our ability to investigate and understand our reality.

Edumission 2017 – Scuola Manfredini #4

What did we learn? The goal is to seek an educational objective.
The design of activities helps to pursue the educational objective.
Knowledge is a tool, but it isn’t the purpose.
Teaching skills are essential.

Contact: Lorena Volontà

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