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Re-Design, Bucuresti, Romania

Cooking with science

Cooking is a great opportunity to learn…. not only patience, and great recipes, but math, chemistry, physics, biology (Science, I mean) blended with a pinch of Humanities – like how to put the best words in the right place in a sentence…

unschooling for freedom

This is not a lesson from the classical point of view…. it could be a lesson for some teachers, instead. This is a short “movie” made by an unschooled kid, about its fears and (great) expectations. It is about how could a kid evolve if ‘left alone” – actually, about how proper nurturing feeds the best in a child.

Re-design concept pt.1

The idea of connecting cognitive neuroscience and teacher education is not new, but a forgotten one – the idea of “neuroeducators” was proposed in the 80’s, when the study of brain / behaviour was considered a way to enhance the pedagogical practice.

Re-design concept pt.2

DigiMathArt an experience that involves many regions of the brain – both from right and left hemispheres – a method that captivates and engages in further approach by its unique concept – using Math to create Art forms through Programming. Kids are thrilled to create, and crave to learn more in order to generate new forms and colours – fractals are the most complex.

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