Miminho, a Fenix preschool

Miminho, Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal

A Fenix preschool is a place where we break the routines, we reorganize the groups according to the projects and we work colaborative, reinventing the spaces outside the classroom.

I. Miminho Preschool, Portugal

Our kindergarten Miminho is located in a town in the north of Portugal called Póvoa de Varzim. The preschool in Portugal is optional. In preschool, the child performs several activities throughout the day, with his / her group, peers and educators. These activities are oriented, free or semi-directed. The activities are based on the curricular guidelines.

II. Miminho the first Fenix preschool

The Fenix project is an innovative project in Portugal. It has been implemented in more than a hundred schools across the country. Miminho is the first and only kindergarten that is implementing this project and is adapting the strategies used for the same age group.

III. How-to guide a Fenix project

The starting point of the Fenix project is a motivational activity carried out by all educators for all children. Then, in each room, the educator explores the experiences lived by children, about that theme, including “what they know” and “what they want to know”, planning the following project activities. The multiage groups are formed and activities are carried out in the Fenix spaces, with di…

IV. Fenix Activities

In the planning of activities, the main objective is that all of them are interconnected and that they are always cross-curriculum regarding the main areas.

V. A day at Miminho

A day at Miminho. We follow a child in her daily routine in order to demonstrate how the Fenix project is implemented, step-by-step.
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