Holistic Education at Wish

Wish School, São Paulo, Brazil

We are going to tell you a little bit about us, what we understand as Holistic Education and how we practice our beliefs on our day-to-day. We hope we can inspire you to be the change too!!

Edumission video 1 – “Hi! We’re Wish School”

Watch our introductory video!

Edu Mission video 2 – “The Holistic Education at Wish”

Let’s start our journey through our holistic approach! Discover what Holistic Education means for us.

Edu Mission video 3 – “Our day-to-day”

Our third video will show you more details of our everyday practices.

Edu Mission video 4 – “Wish Projects: 5 steps to success”

Watch the video to understand how we put the holistic education in action!

Edu Mission video 5 – “The relationships at Wish”

“The relationships at Wish: believing in the individual power” is the last video of our Edu Mission project. Enjoy discovering how we see relationships in our school.

Hollistic Map

School Contact: Andressa Lutiano

Email: wishanaliafranco@gmail.com

Phone: 5511964338892

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