Fénix Project of the Virginia Moura School Grouping

Agrupamento de Escolas Virgínia Moura, Guimarães, Portugal

In order to reduce students’ retention in this group and to promote success in the Portuguese and Mathematics disciplines, once the results of this group were far from desirable, the group implemented the Fénix Project.

This project focuses on the student, on the differentiation of learning rhythms, on the articulation and sharing of all stakeholders (full professors, Fénix teachers, students and parents).

Fénix Project – How to start

What can a school / group do when faced with a high retention rate and a high percentage of failure to Portuguese and Mathematics?
Our school group, being a public school, decided to adopt the Fénix Project as a measure to overcome the high retention rates in the 2nd and 7th years of schooling.
In this video we will explain how this project was implemented.

Fénix Project – Contextualization

We are the grouping of schools Virgínia Moura, in Guimarães, Portugal. In this video we will introduce ourselves and make known our Educational Project.

Fénix Project – Operationalization

In this video, we will show the various phases of Project Fénix: diagnosis, monitoring and validation of results, before the investment made in the practices outlined.

Fénix Project – Dynamics

In this video we will show our dynamics of the Fénix Project, with the support of CIM-Ave (Community Intermunicipal Bird, Municipal Council of Guimarães), local authority and companies in the region of Guimarães.

Fénix Project – Evaluation

In this video we will see what were the evaluation elements used in our grouping, as well as the results obtained at the end of a project year.

Contact Person:

Sónia Ribeiro – sonianester@gmail.com

Alexandrina Miranda – alexthebestafonsynha@gmail.com

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