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Escola Comunitária Cirandas, Paraty, Brazil

The world is filled with knowledge and what each one knows is the result of a series of personal experiences. We know the world is changing fast, so it´difficult to forecast which kinds of knowledge are really essential to educate free, healthy and autonomous citizens. It´s also known that, besides learning how to read words, we need to learn how to read the world. That´s why the school´s focus has changed: it´s no longer about gathering knowledge, but about learning to learn, meaning that one is able to deal with knowledge, and use it, in a critical way.

Dealing with knowledge, knowing how to do research, recording what´s being learned regularly, extracting theory from practice and finding practice in theory are some of the school´s roles. However, relationships, self knowledge, fun time and arts can´t be put aside.

In order to enhance knowledge diversity at school, we’ve opened our doors to school partners: various educators and family members. Our goal is having the school trully opened to the city and, at the same time, using public and private areas as educational places.

Therefore we promote:
– different kinds of knowledge, offered by the school´s team: besides “research and projects”, which subjects are chosen by the students themselves, educators present a series of field trips, nutrition education, pottery, knitting, circus, music, English, painting, drawing, media, physical education, science, games and toys, among others.
– Workshops: any child in the city can attend; we receive, evaluate and select proposals from educators; we offer the selected ones to all children in town to register. We don´t charge for the use of school areas but the educators must have half of their subscriptions offered as scholarships, to ensure accessibility. We also offer free and “pay-what-you-can” workshops. In the evening and on weekends the school is used for adult activities, such as courses and sports, among others.
– The Resident Education Program: educators from around the world, and the country, are welcome to share their knowledge in workshops, in exchange for lodging.
– Family involvement: families voluntarily get involved in various activities. Some examples are: the market, workshops, work groups and school management.

1 – Cirandas

This video shows briefly what Cirandas Community School is about.

Cirandas Community School – TEDed – Video 1

About Cirandas Community School Parati – Brazil 2017

2 – Innovations

This video is about some main questions like: How to develop a curriculum based on true experience and in the community knowledge? How to propose an integral education? How to integrate the city and the school and show children that the academic issues are in the real life?

Escola Comunitária Cirandas – TEDed – Video 2 – Innovations

Escola Comunitária Cirandas – TEDed – Video 2 – Innovations

3 – Challenges

How to involve the community in school’s life and bring diversity knowledge for the citizens.


Escola Comunitária Cirandas – TEDed – Video 3 – Challenges

Escola Comunitária Cirandas – TEDed – Video 3 – Challenges

4 – Community

This video is about community perceptions and sensations of the school, some simple and special things that happens naturally in day life.

Escola Comunitária Cirandas – TEDed – Video 4 – Community

Escola Comunitária Cirandas – TEDed – Video 4 – Community

Contact Person: Mariana de Faria Benchimol

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