Edumission מעבדה בינלאומית


Different is Beautiful – is the essence of innovative education

If you are part of an innovative school staff and would like to share your work,

If you wish to learn from exceptional teachers, to travel the world and learn from groundbreaking teaching staffs like yourself, and to become a part of a worldwide web of education – the forefront of the education revolution,

EDUMISSION a global challenge to make education better

Imagine thousands of schools – each and every one of which is different, unique and groundbreaking – learning from each other by collaboration and by forming a worldwide web of exceptional education.

Education Cities has launched an innovative initiative aimed at promoting and disseminating groundbreaking ideas in global education.

EDUMISSION is an international lab within which groundbreaking schools from all over the world build, with our organizational support, online courses that teach unique work methods developed by each school. Next, the schools select the courses by which they are most fascinated and learn from each other.

At the program’s end, the school’s staff will travel and visit their international colleagues and see the work programs they have learned about at work.

A panel of judges, including Sir Ken Robinson, Sugata Mitra, Peter Gray and Helena Singer, will select three schools that will be presented on the central stage of Bett Conference for educational innovation, which is held in London every January.

Twenty-Five schools have already been selected out of more than one hundred schools that submitted their candidacy. Israel is represented by the AMAL school-network, a partner in the program’s development and implementation.

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