Education Cities – The Art of Collaborations


Education Cities, founded by Yaacov Hecht in 2010, is a social enterprise active in the fourth sector. It works in Israel and abroad with cities and regional councils, with academic institutions, with the Israeli Ministry of Education, and with the business sector.

As part of Education Cities’ work with the Israeli education ministry, it leads the MOOC* learning in Israel. The organization was chosen by WIRED Magazine as one of the leading trends for 2015 in the aria of MOOC learning. 

In 2017 Education Cities was chosen to one of the 10 leading innovations of HundrED the Finish initiative for promoting educational innovation in the world.



 The vision-

Everyone, a kid or an adult, is one of a kind and brings to the world a unique baggage. Education Cities organization sees the finding of one’s uniqueness and expressing it, a vital component in establishing a healthy and prosperous society.

That is in condition that the one sees the other’s uniqueness, and the importance of expressing it as well.

The heart of “the art of collaborations” is creating a network of individuals who find and express their uniqueness while taking part in a shared creation:

Seeing the one – creating as one.

The Art of Collaborations

Collaborations and the art of generating them are the heart and soul of educational innovation – the cornerstone of education systems around the world today. The mission of Education Cities is to develop the art of collaboration in the classroom, in school, municipally and nationwide:

In the classroom – Transforming the classroom into a platform for cooperation between its various components – students, teachers, and their families.

The Education Team Model** is the main tool used for this objective.

In school – Transforming school into a space for cooperation between teachers who work within the framework of Education Teams and other groups.

Municipally – Development of a municipal space for cooperation between the various education systems in the city and every public and private organization active in the city. 

Nationally – Education Cities Network supports the creation of spaces for cooperation between the network’s members.



Pedagogic approach – We believe that the education system’s role is to support children’s growth from their own areas of strength. A child that discovers an area he or she excels in will experience success, a prerequisite for growth and for the capacity to advance towards areas of lesser strength. In order to support a child’s quest for strength areas, the city as a whole must transform into a school. Every enterprise, whether a theater or a soccer team, and every available resource in a child’s city can serve as a fertile ground for his/her learning. Simply put, a child embraced by the city will reciprocate with love. 


The city’s role as a learning field and as a source of individual strength-

 In order to leverage the local story and use it to strengthen the city’s people, adults and children alike, one must harbor collaborations between the various active elements in the city. Every city, very much like every person, has unique areas of strength and multiple growth areas. A city successful in linking its strength and growth areas with that of its students and population as a whole will produce strategic and exceptionally meaningful growth engines. This link is possible only by collaborations between the first sector (formal and informal education, welfare, employment, city planning, engineering, etc.), the second sector (businesses), the third sector (non-profit organizations) and the fourth sector (social business organizations) that are active in the city.

Israel is known as the “startup nation” but we believe it is just a “symptom” to the main component that turns Israel into a central player on the groundbreaking way to the global educational revolution.

It is the rare combination between new – open mind to innovation and experiment, and old – the “Hevrutha”, mutual responsibility, mutual aid, and collaboration.

Education Cities turns this rare combination into a working tool.