Groundbreaking School

In his book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Thomas Kuhn draws a distinction between a change and a revolution: A change is a process designed to strengthen and improve the existing paradigm – “Sustaining innovation.” A revolution is a process that leads to the emergence of a new paradigm – “Disruptive Innovation.”

Groundbreaking Schools are ones interested in working according to a new paradigm and creating matching innovative educational tools.

These schools can be defined as schools that shift From a Pyramid Paradigm to a Network Paradigm . The driving force of these schools changes from competitiveness to collaboration.

And if groundbreaking it is, what better way to do it than together – A Network of Groundbreaking Schools

Education Cities has been working for some years now with a number of groundbreaking schools and perceives them as bold pathfinders and pioneers. Our organization is constantly and actively learning about pedagogic innovation in Israel and worldwide in favor of the development of school innovation.

For every school, a different program has been developed and implemented – innovative pedagogic tools, network strategies, uniqueness development – according to the head of teachers and the staff’s inclinations and aspirations.


Today, in light of Education Cities’ perception of the art of collaboration as an essential component in generating an innovation revolution, we lead a national move to establish a network of groundbreaking schools.

This network of which we speak, will serve as a “Platform for Educational Innovation” within which all schools would be able to learn from other network member-schools and from the experts of Education Cities, and at the same time, to teach other network member-schools their unique areas of expertise.

The benefits of being a network member:

  • Every member-school will be assigned an Education Cities Advisor that will focus on:

Defining the school’s goals in a collaborative process with the school’s staff, including integration and support of the entire process

Support in the process of development of specialization areas which the school is willing to disseminate in the network

“Shopping” with the school staff in the Groundbreaking Schools Network (what does the school wish to learn from others)

  • Each school will hold, as needed, learning and inspiration meetups that will be facilitated by expert facilitators from member-schools and from Education Cities
  • Learning Tours in Israel and overseas (added cost)
  • Advising hours on various topics according to the school’s needs
  • Network sharing and learning meetups with school leaders and other advisors