Rational of the “Education Team School”

In an “Education Team School” or “School 2.0” which works according to the network paradigm, a unique balance exists between the individual and the group: Seeing the one – Creating as one. In other words, the school focuses on finding the individual’s uniqueness (students and staff) and its expression, while utilizing Education Teams that lead and operate the school.

In this way, all participants feel that they are part of the school’s leadership.

It should be noted that among the goals of the Education Team School, is the preparation of students to life in the future, or in other words – producing independent learners who are skilled in collaborative and network-based teamwork.

The Education Team School strives to be active in the following three dimensions:

Education Team Classrooms

in homeroom classes, in subject classes, in entire grade levels, school-wide, around different topics, around shared goals, etc.

Teachers Education Teams

for promoting guidelines that have been decided on in the teachers’ room.

The School Academia

the school defines a time slot in which the students are invited to learn together university level courses offered by leading universities worldwide. Learning in these courses is done according to the How2MOOC model in multiage learning groups, which are open for participation of students, teachers, and family members. Everyone can be a student in the School Academia.