Designing the learning environments


Creating a sustainable learning space that promotes meaningful learning


The “Space” dimension is one of the 5 Class 2021 dimensions that raises the question – how will a physical space that promotes meaningful learning, look like?


Reality around us has changed dramatically in the last few decades, but one place is “frozen in time” – the learning environment. It is in most cases the same as it has been for many years.


We call for a change in perception – seeing the surrounding as “the third teacher” (education without words).


Education Cities leads a new discussion through a variety of initiatives and collaborations with the architects and designers community. A community that is committed to the vision of influencing and starting the change in the learning environments in Israel.


In December 2014 we had a unique conference that focused on the meeting point between education and design. We have presented “Education Cities’ Design Principles” that are based on broad learning and wide range field experience.


The process of changing the learning environment leans on 3 partners: teacher, pedagogic counselor, designer. This combination enables a deep, holistic change that brings the learner to develop the skills needed for living in the 21th century. The creative teacher is the main pole in this structure and is invited to an empowering journey of learning, imagining, dreaming, and being inspired. All that through experiencing “Design Thinking”, a perception that sees design as a way of life and strives to solve challenges by creating a better reality.