Yaacov Hecht

chairman and founder

I am married to Sheerly and father of four boys. In 1987, I have founded the Democratic School in Hadera. Concurrently, I have supported the establishment of the network of democratic schools in Israel. I have initiated IDEC – International Democratic Education Conference, a springboard for the foundation of hundreds of democratic schools around theContinue reading

Moti Lieberman

city program director

 I was born (1957) and raised in Hadera, back when it was still green, immersed in orchards, fields, sand and a clear blue sea. Today, I live in Haifa, close to Wadi Lotem. I am married to Tamar and father of Naama, Noga and Gili. I hold a BA in Behavioral Sciences from Ben GurionContinue reading

Shahaf Ainee

pedagogical director

 The love of life and mankind, the joy of creation, optimism and positive thinking are the building blocks of my life and of every field of endeavor I am active in. My childhood and adolescence were stressful years for me. My lack of success in self fulfillment and in expressing my talents within the frameworkContinue reading

Ruthie Colton

pedagogical director

Born in 1971. I reside in Yokneam Illit with my spouse and our three children, my in-house teachers for partnership, listening and dialogue.  I am a social worker in my core and by training. I have worked with children, adolescents and with staff in a boarding school, municipal welfare department and juvenile probation services. MyContinue reading

Verd Recanaty

pedagogical director

I believe in the horizon , in movement in the horizon, in the line stretched between the horizon and a man, in man and mankind and everything in between. My dream is to be a partner, each and every day, in the endless creation of the educational horizon. I am a mother of three adorableContinue reading

Efrat Goldberg

Pedagogic Director

 I believe in mankind – in our freedom and spirit. I am an educator at heart. I have been working in the field of education for more than 25 years. During this period of time I have served as a Head of Teachers in an elementary school. I live in Moshav Habonim, Israel, overlooking the blueContinue reading

Ojas Veldman

pedagogical technology counselor

 I live in Carcur with my partner Kati and our three beautiful children. Together we have founded the Dyan Center, a body-mind center for personal growth. I have lived nearly 7 years in East Asia, primarily in India, Japan and China. In my quest of exploration I have focused mainly on the inward directed journey,Continue reading

Lia Maor

pedagogic counselor

      Why am I here: For many years I have been working as a professional in the area of children and adolescents’ welfare. I am here to lend a hand to those entrusted with children’s education, to see also the inner world of each child, his desires, strengths and hidden treasures in eachContinue reading

Gil Avraham

pedagogic director

 The eighth brother of a family of nine brothers and sisters, married to Nurit. My nuclear family and extended family are my sources of power. I believe in being a “learned student” and that our life-long mission is to keep on learning and developing. I believe that everyone can be successful if, as stated byContinue reading

Naama Cohen

pedagogic director

  Why am I here and my dream: I am here because I want that as many people, children, teachers and students as possible would feel that they are seen and have their strengths discovered, and live life full of curiosity, learning, and creative work.     My experience:  I bring with me a parcelContinue reading

Maya Golan

pedagogic counselor

Why am I here: To make a difference  My experience:  In the last 8 years, I have been running the Department of Elementary Education in Hof HaCarmel Regional Council. In my humble opinion, this learning journey will serve me well in the new position.   My dream: That the new educational message of Education CitiesContinue reading

Baruch Raz

pedagogic counselor

 I am the father of Emilia and Meital’s partner, a man, a human being, learning, teaching and developing. My motivation has always been the desire to do good deeds in the world – a kind of an inherent inner calling. My life’s journey has been instrumental in crystallizing the knowledge that each one of usContinue reading

sari weiss

pedagogic counselor

Why am I here: I am connected to the world of education and I believe in my ability to effect it through the personal change I have accomplished myself. I know how important it is to see the uniqueness of the individual and on the other hand, the massive power of group learning.  Deepening thisContinue reading

Hovav Bachar

pedagogic counselor

First and foremost, I am a family man: I am married with three children. I am fascinated by people and intrigued by the opportunity to take part in building ties and bridges between people, opinions, cultures, approaches and worldviews. I perceive the internal locus of control as the basis for educational and social activity andContinue reading

Shlomit Itzhaki

Pedagogic Director

  To follow the heart and soul with enthusiasm and inner flame, to enjoy the road, the people, and the colors. Just to be present here and now. This is the way in which I’ve chosen to live my life. After 14 fascinating and cultivating years in Hi-Tech, I’ve decided to leave and start workingContinue reading

Tali Barkai

pedagogic counselor

 I am married to Ravid and mother of three adorable kids. I live in Moshav Kanaf. I have many years of experience working in the education field, mainly in special education. Today, I am also doing facilitation work as well as second year student in the Nature Therapy Groups’ Facilitation program. To me, Education isContinue reading

Imry Avitan

Pedagogic Councelor

I have begun my educational work as a youth counselor in the informal education system, and until today, in my essence I’m devoted to working with youth. I’ve learnt a lot from young people. My present hobbies are surfing and drums. Another hobby I have is studying. I’m an educational doctoral student, focusing on theContinue reading

Roi (Ziko) Tzikorel

conductor of innovation processes

  Hand in hand with my work in Education Cities, I serve as a Technological Projects Coordinator at the Trump Foundation and as a social-educational entrepreneur who specializes in integration of technologies and new media tools into the field of education. In recent years, I have been involved in a number of initiatives, among whichContinue reading

Michael Shurp

conductor of innovation processes

  I love entrepreneurship and I love, even more, to work simultaneously on many projects. I enjoy planning projects and executing them in a teamwork. I work hard to take on big challenges and to “break them open” in small steps. In my spare time: I enjoy reading, dreaming, and meeting new people. In addition,Continue reading

Sheerly Hecht

contect editor

I am married to Yaacov, mother of four boys, and live in Hadera, my hometown. I hold a BA and a Teaching Certificate in Music and for Fourteen years I was an Oprah singer. During the last eight years, I have been focusing on content writing, editing, translation and publishing work. Nevertheless, one might sayContinue reading